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Lobby governments to ban certain types of products and to regulate certain ingredients in skin whitening products.

Xeesal has become a public health priority due to its frequency, medical complications and resulting economic costs

This prompted the Senegalese government to look into the matter. Today, advertisements for artificial depigmentation products are prohibited.

We have conducted studies for you to understand the extent of the skin whitening problem. 

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Lightening creams and lotions have been the most popular methods for lightening skin for years. High concentrations of hydroquinone and mercury are the preferred chemicals used by cosmetics companies.


However, these seemingly harmless ingredients actually do your skin more harm than good. Skin bleaching products wreak havoc on the health and beauty of millions of people around the world.


The practice of artificial depigmentation of the skin, called xeesal in Senegal, is very common in the world.
Unfortunately, this practice leads to health problems such as irreversible skin lesions, cancers and liver or kidney failure, among others.


AIIDA is present on various social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.
We provide very relevant information about the dangers of xeesal.
We effectively use social media to build a group of followers by regularly posting relevant information.

We organize webinars to discuss the problems of artificial pigmentation with experts from different fields.

We try to spread the message on television, radio, and podcasts.

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We host webinars to discuss artificial pigmentation issues with sociologists, psychologists, educators, and other experts from different fields.


We are dubbing the message on this website. AIIDA publishes blog posts in different categories. We also have a forum to open discussions with our visitors.

Medical Support

There is a wide range of skin care products. We help people identify which ones offer different skin benefits. We also offer medical follow-ups through our network of dermatologists.

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We try to educate the public about the risks of skin whitening.

It helps us spread the message on social media and at educational conferences for health professionals.

We also get involved in public events focused on skin lightening awareness.


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Xeesal is not as isolated a problem as one might think.

Skin whitening is not only a problem for women but also for men. More and more young men are practicing skin whitening.

Education and Awareness

Some products can even make your skin vulnerable to certain viruses and infections. Some people get obsessed with getting the perfect complexion, but you might end up doing things that aren't beneficial to your health if you keep using these products.

Many types of makeup contain chemical additives that can cause discoloration.

Social Support

Skin bleaching practitioners need social support. We try not to judge them but to help them stop this harmful practice if you are struggling with skin whitening, it is crucial to get the support of loved ones.

Many people find it difficult to quit because of the stigma. It can wreak havoc on healthy skin and unpleasant side effects such as discoloration and scarring can occur.

This encourages many people to continue the practice. Strong social support is therefore necessary.

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You have to play your part too.

Save your household money. Whitening of the skin will most likely become a health problem. This will strain your family's finances.


Your children will copy you. The more they see you bleaching your skin, the more they will be tempted to do it later too.

"Big thanks to the independent team for being there for me. You made me feel like I’m a part of the community and helped me gain confidence in myself and what I'm capable of."
- Yacine Ndiaye. -